August 15, 2013

President M. W. Scoggins
Colorado School of Mines
1500 Illinois St.
Golden, CO 80401

Dear President Scoggins:

This letter serves as formal notification and record of action taken concerning Colorado School of
Mines by the Institutional Actions Council (IAC) of the Higher Learning Commission at its meeting on
August 12, 2013.

Action. The IAC voted to affirm the recommendation that your institution may select the Open,
AQIP, or Standard Pathway for reaffirmation of accreditation.

Thank you for serving as a Pathways Pioneer institution. This action letter also signifies the
completion of the Pathways Accreditation Agreement that you completed when you first began the
Demonstration Project. You have now been reaffirmed, completing the Open Pathway as part of this
project. Having completed reaffirmation, you now need to select the accrediting pathway for your next
reaffirmation; you are eligible to choose AQIP, Open, or Standard as your pathway. Attached to this
action letter is information on selecting and declaring a pathway within the timeline provided. The
materials include links to information on the Open, AQIP, and Standard Pathways.

The Commission does not make public the Pathway determination or selection. Institutions’
Pathway designations will not appear on the SAS or OP.

If you have questions about your transition to Pathways, please contact Robert R. Appleson. On
behalf of the Board of Trustees, I thank you and your associates for your cooperation.


Sylvia Manning


Pathway Transition Information – Open Eligible
Declaration Form