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Three graduate students of Dr. Tzahi Cath's research group won awards at the 11th Annual RMSAWWA/RMWEA Student Research Conference.  Bryan Coday won first place for his oral presentation, Kerri Hickenbottom won 2nd place in oral presentation, and Liz Bell won the best poster award.

Hydrology PhD students Kristin Mikkelson and Skuyler Herzog of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Mines both won the Farvolden Scholarship Award for Best Presentation at the National Ground Water Association Summit conference, held this year in Denver. Kristin works with Profs. Josh Sharp and John McCray, and Skuyler is co-advised by Profs. Chris Higgins and John McCray.

ASCE Student Awards: Civil Engineering undergraduate Katie Courtright has received the ASCE Colorado Section Outstanding Graduating Senior Award for 2014.  In addition, CEE students Brenna Svoboda received 2nd place and Conor Lenon 3rd place. Conor also has been awarded the ASCE National Student Leadership Award for his leadership in the CSM ASCE student chapter.

Tissa Illangasekare, AMAX Distinguished Chair of Environmental Sciences and Engineering and professor of Civil Engineering, has been appointed to the Nuclear and Radiation Studies Board. The Mission of the NRSB is to provide an open forum for discussion and oversee studies on safety, security, technical efficacy and other policy and societal issues arising from the application of nuclear and radiation-based technologies.

Civil Engineering undergraduates Kevin Hart and Erin Keogh have been selected as a recipients of the 2014 Underground Construction Association of the Society of Mining Engineering Executive Committee Scholarship.  The SME award will be conferred during the North American Tunneling Conference in June.  Erin and Kevin are both also minoring in the new Underground Construction & Tunneling (UCT) program at CSM.

CEE Assistant Professor Christopher Higgins' work on perfluorochemicals in sediments and sludge is discussed in a news story published in Environmental Health News. Dr. Higgins earlier work on perfluorochemicals such as perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) in San Francisco Bay sediments led to subsequent efforts looking at PFOS in Bay seals, which is the focus of the news story. Dr. Higgins and his students continue to work of PFOS and related chemicals, examining their potential bioaccumulation in plants as transport and remediation in groundwater.

CEE Professor John McCray was awarded the 2014 Rudolph Hering Medal by the American Society of Civil Engineers Environmental and Water Resources Institute for the paper, "Characterization of Bulk Fluid and Transport Properties for Simulating Polymer-Improved Aquifer Remediation" published in the Journal of Environmental Engineering, February 2013. The award was given for contributions in engineering science. Professor McCray's recent PhD student, Jeff Silva, was the primary author of the paper. Professor Matt Liberatore in Chemical and Biological Engineering at Mines was a co-author, a co-winner of the award, and served on Jeff's committee.

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