Faculty and Staff


Junko-outside-square-1-300x300 Faculty and Staff

Junko Munakata Marr

Department Head and Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Microbial communities in groundwater and water treatment systems; application of molecular biology techniques to environmental systems; engineering education; humanitarian engineering.

campus Leadership

paul-johnson Faculty and Staff

Paul C. Johnson

President, Colorado School of Mines, and Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Chemical fate and transport in the environment with emphasis on contaminated soil and groundwater monitoring, remediation, and risk assessment and subsurface vapor migration to indoor air.

terri-hogue Faculty and Staff

Terri Hogue

Dean, Earth and Society Programs, and Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Surface hydrology; catchment response to wildfire, urbanization and climate variability; watershed modeling, parameter estimation, remote sensing, and field studies.

kamini-singha Faculty and Staff

Kamini Singha

Associate Dean, University Distinguished Professor, Geology and Geological Engineering
Fluid flow and contaminant transport in porous media and fractured rock as well as groundwater-surface-water interactions.



Academic Faculty

eric-anderson-300x300 Faculty and Staff

Eric Anderson

Associate Professor Jointly Appointed, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Geophysics
Hydrodynamic Modeling; Coastal Processes; Limnology; Physical Oceanography; Ice Dynamics; Atmosphere-Surface Water Interaction.

christopher-bellona Faculty and Staff

Christopher Bellona

Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Membrane processes/Fate of organic contaminants in water and wastewater treatment; Potable water reuse. Advanced oxidation for the destruction of organic contaminants. Remediation of contaminated sites.

tzahi-cath Faculty and Staff

Tzahi Cath

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering Brackish water and seawater desalination; water and wastewater treatment engineering; potable water reuse; energy recovery in water treatment.

linda-figueroa Faculty and Staff

Linda Figueroa

Professor, Jointly Appointed, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Mining Engineering
Microbially mediated radionuclide and metals removal; biotransformation of nitrogen; application of molecular tools; water and waste treatment.

andres-guerra Faculty and Staff

Andres Guerra

Teaching Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Innovative approaches to educate CSM students about civil engineering applications in geotechnical and structural engineering, land development, construction practices, risk assessment, and optimization.

GuptaKaren_CSM-PORTRAITS-5-23-2023-797-300x300 Faculty and Staff

Karen Gupta

Professor of Practice, Civil and Environmental Engineering Experiential teaching approaches to educate CSM students in construction engineering topics. Research in sustainable construction methodology to reduce water impacts and construction law topics. karen.gupta@mines.edu

marte-gutierrez Faculty and Staff

Marte Gutierrez

James R. Paden Distinguished Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Geomechanics; coupled multiphase fluid flow, thermal and geomechanical processes in porous and fractured media; experimental studies and computational modeling.

alina-handorean-300x300 Faculty and Staff

Alina Handorean

Teaching Professor Engineering, Design, and Society
Environmental Engineering (Drinking Water, Bioaerosols); Chemistry; Cancer Biology; Pedagogy; Teaching User-Centered Design, Communication Skills, and Teamwork in Cornerstone Classes.

reza-hedayat Faculty and Staff

Reza Hedayat

Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering; Rock and Fracture Mechanics; Underground Construction and Tunneling; Applied Geophysics; Hydraulic Fracturing.

christopher-higgins Faculty and Staff

Christopher Higgins

University Distinguished Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Environmental organic chemistry; inorganic and organic contaminant fate and transport; contaminant bioaccumulation; perfluorochemicals; nanoparticles.

jholley Faculty and Staff

Jeffrey A. Holley

Teaching Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Engineering mechanics; environmental studies; civil infrastructure design; storm water management; storm water quality enhancement.

TI-e1657572752179 Faculty and Staff

Tissa Illangasekare

Professor, AMAX Distinguished Chair Director, Center for Experimental Study of Environmental Processes (CESEP), Civil and Environmental Engineering
Subsurface flow; transport and fate of chemicals in porous media; groundwater hydrology; numerical modeling; fracture flow; flow in snow; NAPLs.

Kinzli-Kristoph-11-300x300 Faculty and Staff

Kristoph Kinzli

Teaching Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
River mechanics; stream rehabilitation; water resources; agricultural water use; fisheries biology; engineering teaching pedagogy; and active learning.

amy-landis Faculty and Staff

Amy Landis

Professor, Mines Presidential Fellow for Diversity, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Quantitative sustainability of renewable fuels; biobased products and plastics and healthcare. Developing new sustainability tools in Life Cycle Assessment, industrial ecology, & systems analysis.

HongyanLiu-105-e1651271354213-300x300 Faculty and Staff

Hongyan Liu

Teaching Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Teaching interests are engineering mechanics, structural analysis and design, and engineering materials. Research interests are structural engineering and earthquake engineering.

Lu-photo-500x500 Faculty and Staff

Ning Lu

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Soil physical phenomena including fluid flow, chemical transport, heat transfer, stress, and deformation; unifying atomic-scale potentials, inter-particle forces, and engineering-scale stresses in soils; groundwater hydrology, unsaturated soil mechanics, expansive soils, environmental geotechnics.

A.-Marshall-2-300x300-1-300x300 Faculty and Staff

Adrienne Marshall

Assistant Professor, Geology and Geological Engineering
Snow hydrology; Ecohydrology in discontinuous permafrost regions; Hydropower in the energy system; Climate change; Computational approaches including: spacial data, data science, physically based hydrologic models, statistical models, and high performance computing.

MCCRAY-3-300x300 Faculty and Staff

John McCray

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Contaminant hydrology; subsurface remediation; vadose-zone hydrology; watershed hydrology; PFAS investigations; hydrologic modeling; stormwater reclamation using green infrastructure. soil-based wastewater treatment.

mike-mooney Faculty and Staff

Michael Mooney

Grewcock Distinguished Chair Professor of Underground Construction & Tunneling; Director, Center for Underground and Underground Construction & Tunnel Engineering graduate degree program.
Tunnel design and construction in soil and soil/rock conditions; geotechnical and geostructural engineering; geoconstruction.

Panos-Headshot-2019-e1611278578904-300x300 Faculty and Staff

Chelsea L. Panos

Teaching Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Teaching interests are Urban hydrology; stormwater modeling; urbanization; stormwater management; engineering learning; effective teaching practices.

shiling-pei Faculty and Staff

Shiling Pei

Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Extreme hazard mitigation; structural reliability; modern timber structural systems; structural dynamics and earthquake engineering.

Cara-Phillips-500x500 Faculty and Staff

Cara Phillips

Teaching Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Reynolds-Susan-headshot2019-low-res-small-e1611276750794-300x300 Faculty and Staff

Susan Reynolds

Teaching Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Structural analysis and design; historic preservation technology; sustainable / integrated design approaches for buildings.

Skamrava-2 Faculty and Staff

Serveh Kamravah

Assistant Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering: Machine Learning; Fluid Dynamics; Energy Storage Systems.

josh-sharp-300 Faculty and Staff

Jonathan Sharp

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Microbiology of natural and engineered systems; sustainable water treatment; watershed biogeochemistry.

2209032_BH_039_Yangming_Shi-copy-1-300x300 Faculty and Staff

Yangming Shi

Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering Construction Automation, Construction Informatics, Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (AI),Disaster Visualization, and Human Factors. .yangming.shi@mines.edu

Syd-Slouka-BLUE-1-500x500 Faculty and Staff

Syd Slouka

Teaching Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

cropped-new-head-shot-smith-e1669153517956-300x300 Faculty and Staff

Jessica Smith

Professor, Engineering, Design, and Society
Ethnography; energy ethics; engineering studies; corporate social responsibility; equity and engineering education.

john-spear Faculty and Staff

John Spear

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Quantitative Biosciences and Engineering
Environmental microbiology; geobiology; metals bioremediation; subsurface microbiology; cave and mine microbiology; environmental policy—impact analysis (NEPA), reclamation & restoration.

timothy-strathmann Faculty and Staff

Timothy Strathmann

Associate Department Head and Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Catalysts and advanced materials for water and energy applications; hydrothermal biomass conversion technologies; wastewater and waste solid valorization; aquatic fate and treatment of contaminants of emerging concern; life cycle analysis-directed design of environmental technologies.

lori-tunstall Faculty and Staff

Lori Tunstall

Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Cementitious materials; concrete durability; frost damage; mechanisms of air entrainment.

alexandra-wayllace Faculty and Staff

Alexandra Wayllace

Teaching Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Areas of focus include designing and conducting experiments to measure different soil properties for saturated and unsaturated soils.

Pablo-e1669758635271 Faculty and Staff

Pablo Chevesich Garcia

Research Assistant Professor
Watershed Hydrology pablogarcia@mines.edu

Omid-Z-Moradian-300x300 Faculty and Staff

Omid Moradian

Research Associate Professor
Rock/Fracture Mechanics, Machine Learning moradian@mines.edu

James-R-e1669758886947-300x300 Faculty and Staff

James Rosenblum

Research Assistant Professor
Water Reuse jrosenblum@mines.edu

Johan-Vanneste.PNG-1-e1669758810448-300x300 Faculty and Staff

Johan Vanneste

Research Associate Professor
Separation Processes, Desalination vanneste@mines.edu

gary-vanzin-300x300 Faculty and Staff

Gary Vanzin

Research Assistant Professor
Bioenergy, Waste Remediation gvanzin@mines.edu

Hooman-300x300 Faculty and Staff

Hooman Vatankhah

Research Assistant Professor
Potable Reuse, Emerging Micropollutants hvatankhah@mines.edu

david-vuonu-e1669759049447 Faculty and Staff

David Vuono

Research Assistant Professor
Environmental Microbiology dvuono@mines.edu

andywood Faculty and Staff

Andy Wood

Research Professor
Hydrology, Water Resources Management awwood@mines.edu

Emeritus Faculty

Bruce Honeyman

Professor Emeritus Environmental Radiochemistry and Surface Chemistry bhoneyma@mines.edu

Panos Kiousis

Associate Professor Emeritus
Computational Methods and Finite Elements

Robert Siegrist

Professor Emeritus
Soil and Water Reclamation/Remediation

Ronald Cohen

Associate Professor Emeritus
Microbiology and Mine Reclamation

Candace Sulzbach

Teaching Professor Emeritus
Civil and Mineral Engineering

Department Staff

image Faculty and Staff

Junko Munakata Marr

Department Head

dv-griffiths-e1693335052358 Faculty and Staff

D.V. Griffiths

Associate Department Head

Kim-Brock-21 Faculty and Staff

Kimberly Brock

Department Manager

G.Edwards_3 Faculty and Staff

Gabrielle Edwards

Program Assistant

Mona2-correct Faculty and Staff

Mona Lisa Lucero

Administrative Assistant

utah-2-e1567780418671 Faculty and Staff

Kate Spangler

Laboratory Coordinator

danaheadshot-2-300x300 Faculty and Staff

Dana Morrison

Academic Advising Coordinator